Allergy Advice

How do allergies occur?

An allergy is a disorder in which the body becomes hypersensitive to a particular, normally harmless allergen. A specific reaction…

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Allergy Testing

If you suffer from allergies and you’re not sure what’s to blame, you may be advised to undergo allergy testing…

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Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are caused by an overreaction of the immune system to a particular substance, known as an allergen. The most common…

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What is an allergy?

An allergy is a disorder in which the body becomes overly sensitive to a particular substance, known as an allergen….

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Allergens in the home

An allergy is an excessive response by the immune system to something in the environment, known as an allergen. Allergies are…

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What causes allergies?

What are allergies? Allergy symptoms occur your body’s immune system overreacts to something harmless typically known as an allergen. Whenever…

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What are Hives? Hives (otherwise known as Urticaria) is characterised by circular red, raised and itchy welts on the surface…

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Hayfever vs Colds

Hayfever vs the common cold: blow by blow The symptoms of hayfever can sometimes be very similar to the common…

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Antihistamines explained

What is an antihistamine? Antihistamines are used by allergy sufferers to help relieve allergy symptoms and also to prevent allergy…

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Glossary of Terms

Acute: Describes a disease or condition with a rapid onset, intense or severe symptoms and of brief duration Allergen: Any…

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Allergy treatment

Today, there are many allergy and hayfever medications that are effective at reducing the severity of your hayfever allergy symptoms….

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