Allergy Advice

  • Allergens in the home
  • Allergies
  • Allergy and Hayfever Fast Facts
  • Allergy Symptoms
  • Allergy Testing
  • Antihistamines explained
  • Are allergies and hayfever hereditary?
  • Common allergens found in the home
  • Common causes of a runny nose
  • Early morning hayfever remedies
  • Evening hayfever remedies
  • Five tips to minimise allergy flare ups while cleaning
  • Five tips to reduce allergy attacks around animals
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Handkerchiefs – To blow or not to blow
  • Hayfever and Perennial Allergies
  • Hayfever in children
  • Hayfever vs Colds
  • Help! I’ve just been diagnosed with hayfever
  • Hives
  • How can I avoid Dustmites
  • How can I correct a hayfever allergy
  • How can I minimise allergies that flare up in the summer?
  • How can I minimise hayfever flare ups in spring?
  • How do allergies occur?
  • How do allergies start or develop?
  • How is hayfever diagnosed?
  • How managing your health helps you manage your allergies
  • How managing your stress helps you manage your allergies
  • How Telfast 180mg 5-in-1 multi-benefit relief helps with allergies
  • How to avoid the worst of the hayfever season
  • How to explain allergies to children
  • How to help kids with hayfever
  • Pet allergies and your family
  • Pollen Allergies and Hayfever
  • Red, swollen and itchy eyes: Helpful tips
  • Signs your child may have an allergy
  • Sinusitis and allergies
  • Sneezetiquette – the do’s and don’t of sneezing
  • Symptoms of allergies in children
  • The A-Z of handkerchiefs
  • The history of the handkerchief
  • The pros and cons of hanky ownership
  • The respiratory system and allergies
  • Three steps to allergy management
  • Three steps to manage your allergies
  • Tips for keeping fit despite your allergies
  • Tips for preventing children’s allergies
  • Tips on how to minimise pollen exposure while pregnant
  • Tips to help you distinguish a common cold from an allergy
  • Tips to helping kids sleep with a runny nose
  • Tips to Minimise Hayfever Allergies
  • Understanding and managing allergies
  • What causes allergies in children?
  • What causes allergies?
  • What fruits and vegetables flare up my allergies?
  • What is allergic conjunctivitis?
  • When should I see an allergy specialist?
  • Who is at most risk of developing allergies and hayfever
  • Why allergies are increasing
  • Why is my hayfever allergy flaring up in winter?
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