Old wives tales about hankies

Old wives tales about hankies

1. Hankies are downright disgusting and unhygienic

Fact: While this is partly true if used inappropriately (i.e. you use the same one over and over again), hankies can actually be a sanitary means to blow your nose. That is if you use a different hanky every day and launder them weekly.

2. Hankies went out of style decades ago

Fact: With the invention of tissues in the 1930s hankies did fall out of favour but we believe there is a hanky revival in the works. Gentlemen are rediscovering the art of the pocket handkerchief (i.e. the pocket square) and the environmentally conscious are recognising that reusable hankies are easier on our forests.

3. Tissues are more economical

Fact: Hankies are very inexpensive and best of all they can be washed and re-used over and over again making them more cost-effective than multiple boxes of tissues (especially if you suffer during hayfever season!).

4. Hankies are just dirty old cloths

Fact: A hanky is so much more than a piece of cloth. Each one has its own character, shape, colour, pattern and can be monogrammed and personalised. Throughout the ages men and women took great pride in their hankies. Read more about the History of Handkerchiefs.

5. Hankies are not very handy

Fact: Wrong again. Hankies are incredibly useful. You might even go as far as saying they are more useful than tissues. A (clean) hanky can be used to dry tears, wipe spills, cover food, serve as a napkin, a shoe-shiner, glasses cleaner or protect you from the elements.

6. They are tricky to store after use

Fact: This is a common misconception, but with practise using a handkerchief will become second nature. We recommend quickly and quietly folding your used hanky, packing it away in your pocket or handbag and remembering to throw it in the laundry basket when you get home.

7. They are awkward to wash

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, putting your used handkerchief in with the normal wash will not transfer any unpleasant surprises to your favourite dress. If your nasal matter is excessive or you have a nasty cold you may want to pre-soak your hanky in warm water with some bleach (if it’s white) or put it in a pot of boiling water before throwing it in with a normal load of laundry.